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Skate Exchange

I haven’t been very good about updating this blog recently, I suppose you could say I was on a hiatus for a little bit.  However I was really stoked to get back into the swing of things with the Skate Exchange, a project spearheaded by my friends Mimi Knoop, Yulin Olliver, and Kim Woo.  They brought me on initially as a website designer and then videographer for the event.

This was one of the most fun trips I’ve been able to go on!  Everyone was amped to be there and everyone was having a good time.  When everyone is having this good of a time, the video practically shoots itself.

The recap video is on the main page, and here are some outtake photos I shot between filming.

If you want to learn more about The Skate Exchange, visit the website at

Women Of The Seven Seas Surf Film Festival

A little late here, but I wanted to update that Summer Salad played at the Women Of The Seven Seas Surf Film Festival in Rockaway, New York.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, but I did last year and it was an amazingly fun event.  Special thanks to Davina Grincevicius for reaching out to me.

Here’s an interview she did with me for the festival:


London Surf Film Festival

I’m honored to announce that Party Mix has been selected to show at the London Surf Film Festival on Friday, November 1st, paired up with Taylor Steele’s “This Time Tomorrow”.  So stoked!  If you’re in London please check it out!



Party Mix


I’m stoked to have a short film in the Board Shorts Film Festival again this year, held on March 9 at Bird’s Surf Shed.  Come check it out!

The title is “Party Mix”.  I really like this one – it’s a bunch of footage I’ve taken over the summer and into this year.  I haven’t been shooting as much so it’s not as long as By The Way, but it still weighs in at about 12 and a half minutes.  I just had fun with this one.  It’s in three sections – summer surf footage, Canada road trip B roll, and the last section is “long story short” which has already been out.

You do need to get tickets, and last year it did sell out.


By The Way @ California Surf Museum

By The Way will be playing at the California Surf Festival at the California Surf Museum this summer in Oceanside, CA!

Check it out playing before Steve Cleveland’s new flick “A Paradigm Shift” on Wednesday 7/25 (there is a typo in this picture) at 7pm

See you there!