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Party Favors

After a night out at the Departure art show in Leucadia, we went back to the residence of Mani and Christine to have some beer and tequila.  These two are the definition of stoke, and they always want to share it.  Mani gave us some party favors to take home – surfboards!  I have to tell you, Mani Caro is one of the nicest and most genuine people I have met.  I knew about him as a shaper before even meeting him, and I’m stoked to have gotten to know him.  His boards are the illustration alongside the surfing dictionary definition of “clean lines” and he has a very distinctive style.  He was generous enough to let us all take a board from his collection to try out.  Everyone walked home by starlight with a gleaming white board under their arm.  Classic Leucadia night.

foto by michael emery

foto by monica thatcher