Spinning Vinyl

Just got a new turntable here in the apartment.  It’s big…right now it’s taking over the card table where the editing computer sits.


I really wish I had a camera for the look my mom gave me when I said I wanted to get a turntable.  She couldn’t believe it.  I got inspired by Jen actually…every time I went over to her house the first thing I wanted to do was put on one of her records.  She has some good ones…Discovery, Beach House, Mattson 2.  There’s just something really satisfying about it to me.  Probably because it’s new to me and I never really used one before.  And how can that black circle of plastic produce such great sound just from a needle?  In this age of digital everything, it’s fun to have something mechanical and physical working in front of you.  And in a time where you can get whatever song you want whenever you want it, it’s actually cool to have a finite selection of music on hand.  It’s almost relaxing in a way; slows things down.

My grandma had an old victrola.  It had a hand crank, and the sound came out of the cabinet.  We still have it in my parents basement in New York.  I wonder if we could restore it to use.  I’ll probably take a look at it when I go home for a visit.

Anyway…pretty happy with the new addition to the studio here.  And I’m also very lucky to live within a mile of one of the cooler record stores in the area…Lou’s Records!  I snagged a copy of Cut Copy’s first album on Record Store Day.

What I’m spinning:  Wild Nothing, Cut Copy, Depeche Mode, Beatles, VUM


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