Finding Miss Teen Massachusetts

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A month I randomly came across an album at Lou’s Records in Leucadia from a band called “Skaters”.  Their name amused me, so I was curious what they sounded like.  If a vinyl has an interesting cover, or a band has a catchy name, I will write it down and look up the music to see if I eventually want to buy the record.  I looked up their music later on and was excited to see they were fellow New Yorkers (extra points for any band from New York).  I found the remix for Miss Teen Massachusetts, and couldn’t stop listening to it.  I decided that the song I was originally going to use for Summer Salad wasn’t working for me anymore, and this new song from Skaters was just the thing I needed.  I finally purchased said record yesterday  (Along with a 1980 gem from Surf Punks – so bad it’s good).   Unfortunately the record doesn’t have the remix on it, but I think the original version is just as good.  Oh, I bought the record at Fingerprints in Long Beach.  Sorry Lou’s, I will make it up to you!


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  1. ahhh, excuse me, i use to listen to the surf punks in the 80’s when i was in high school. you were not born yet.

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