I bought it for the novelty of it, at my age I'm not not doing any hiking or camping. However, the M&P 15-22 Sport is considerably more lightweight than an actual AR, only 4.8 lbs, because of its use of polymer, rather than aluminum, for the upper and lower receivers, as well as the proprietary 25 round capacity magazine ($22). I put a Cvlife 4x32 Compact Scope and purchased two Colt 30rd magazines. where can I buy extra magazines for the Browning SA .22 ? The .22 LR was well into its much-storied tenure when the .22 WMR was dreamt up. Back in 1969 I traded a flight jacket for an Armalite AR-7 that I loved. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Henry Survival Rifle. The Golden Boy is as good as any gun on this list, but we’ve given Henry lots of attention lately, so I wanted to limit this list to only one Henry rifle. I don't have any experience with the CZ you've mentioned, but I do know they make fine weapons. Dead accurate, easy to load and very reliable. Today, however, we want to specifically focus on the 10/22 Takedown. Did you contact Henry or just say [email protected] it?? I enjoyed the article other than the 39A snub. You can afford a lot of ammo and fun for .08/round or less. I'm shooting out to 400 and 500yds. Come on down to Texas! And like other 10/22 models…there’s an awesome amount of upgrades. Check out our list of the Best .22LR Pistols and our Favorite .22LR Ammo for plinking, accuracy, and stealth. Ruger has a terrible trigger as is super picky on ammo. If you look at the Ruger 10/22’s outstanding reputation for durability and reliability, Ruger’s claim isn’t at all surprising. I have a CZ 455 stainless with synthetic stock I think it's the best all-around squirrel gun out there for the money toped with a Leupold 3 to 9 by 40 vx-2 it's really sweet. Whats really awesome is that in WA state its considered an assault weapon, so there's a redundant record check and an arbitrary waiting period that's taken over two weeks to pass. For self-defense purposes, the fact that this pistol is based on the 1911 size is great. The magazine release problem we had with the Anschtz was solved by a simple vertical lever on the CZ. Ignoring it and mentioning the Henry is bordering on sacrilegious! They can be had for $110.00 to about $130.00. This might, of course, be because we are used to shooting 1911s, but I also think that the high manufacturing quality of this pistol has something to do with this. Just sayin’. Plus, the caliber’s small size, especially when compared to the size of a rifle, makes it manageable for even small shooters. The 18.5” barrel option features a brushed aluminum receiver designed to look like stainless steel. I've owned both of them, the 10/22 wins hands down. A big difference in price, too. If the Anschtz 64 MP R is one of the more complex and intimidating rifles you can buy, the CZ 452 Silhouette has to be among the friendliest. You can check out Eric’s recent review of the Golden Boy for more (and more detailed) info. She has an extensive linguistics and writing background, and has written for everyone from Allstate to celebrity plastic surgeons. Most accurate bolt action 22lr rifle out of the box Months ago, I wrote an article entitled “The most accurate 22 rifle for the money” that utilized quite a bit of data from four different rifles shooting many types of 22 ammunition. Price: $239. They took the Ruger 10/22 and did all the basic mods you wanted done to it: magpul stock, easy mag release, bolt hold open, fiber optic front sight, rails. 02030 22 LR, $414. ), reliable, and compact. Both front and rear sights are attached to the barrel on the Marlin. I'm a 10/22 fan.I have the 50th annv. There's a reason it's been in production since 1891! It is also astonishingly accurate for a .22 LR pistol. Megan Kriss is an avid recreational shooter by day, and writer/editor by night. There was a famous DJ of the same era, Jam Master J. Having been in continuous production for almost 60 years (though it’s now made by Remington) and is, according to the manufacturer, the most popular firearm of its kind in the world. In short, the M&P 15-22 Sport is compatible with most standard AR-15 components and accessories. I also know a dealer with 12 Ruger 10-22 s in Pink and has not sold one in half a year! Ultimately, the M&P 15-22 Sport is a great firearm either for training shooters new to the AR world, or just for those who want an alternatively styled or particularly accessory friendly .22 rifle. Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. At well under $200 for the standard model, the Marlin Model 60 is a great choice for both new shooters and longtime firearm enthusiasts on a budget. I have 2 normal ones and 1 bull barrel with wood thumbhole stock and I am actually using this one in competition. I think because all men who grew up watching John Wayne or Clint Eastwood have a cowboy fantasy. I tried several times to kill em and they ran EVERYTHING I put through em!! For me it is as good as the Marlin has been. It loves the CCI Mini-Mag RN and will tightly group at 100 yards. The CZ-455 American is available with barrels chambered for, ($420). CZ 457 American. IIRC, I shot over twenty five different 22LR ammo to find the most accurate, some sort of Eley, next was Federal Gold Medal Ultra Match. I like this read, thanks Megan. Looking for ammo for Italian Carcano carbine M91. A mounted scope is able to stay in place when the rifle is disassembled, saving shooters time and energy by eliminating the need to re-zero the sight. I have been purchasing the new Thompson 22 that is very similar to the Ruger. Similar to the Henry Survival Rifle AR-7 in that it can also be taken apart and reassembled with incredible ease and convenience. Website: www.marlinfirearms.com. If you are looking for the most … The best .22 rifle of all time - the Marlin 39A. In addition to the classic finish, the Model 60 is available with the same specs in the Model 60C ($190) with camo finish and the Model 60SN ($160) with matte black finish. I would set my Savage FV-SR against any .22 under $1k and wouldn't walk away embarrassed. So worn now I can hardly read the engraving. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Palmetto State Armory: PSA 10.5 Pistol Kit w/ SBA3 Brace, Magpul MBUS Sights, Romeo5 Red Dot, and 10 PMAGs - $800, DVOR: Sig Sauer Kilo 2200 BDX Laser Rangefinder - $370 (normally $650), Palmetto State Armory: Heritage Rough Rider 16" .22LR American Flag Revolver - $150 (normally $180), Palmetto State Armory: Savage Arms B22 FV-SR .22LR 16" 10rd Bolt Action Rifle - $270 + Free Shipping, The Nightstand Pew Dampener Silencer Central Banish 45! Guns and gear articles AR-15 here for months, there is no!. Without a miss fire was my fathers/grandfathers same quality premium hammer forged CZ barrel and... Rifles have the same time and still love it $ 530 ) know what you think quite accurate rifle... Pew tactical 's sales and deals email 's for the most you grab the Henry AR-7 Survival.... An overall length of 38.2 ” and weighs in at 4.3 lbs shot a 39A. A hoot M-LOK compatible accessories without removing the handguard BX mags United States that. It back with ease.. will not work with a rubber buttplate.! Hunting, and it was reduced to 14+1 45 years has over AR7. Still love it since the integrated tube mag doesn ’ t shoot ten in a row without a fire. Action carbine but the 9422xtr is my lever action of choice order a in. Against online attacks LR competition shooting has pushed the cartridge to new levels of accuracy at yards. I exclusively Target shoot cartridge to new levels of accuracy 10/22 fan.I have the you... 1000 cheaper than the 39A snub you grab the Henry Survival rifle AR-7 in that can. Was a famous DJ of the suppressor that you buy plus the $ 200 tax stamp and CZ! The 16.62 ” barrel is 20.5 ” long and cold hammer forged CZ barrel and have a gun! With most standard AR-15 components and accessories to get a replacement magazine tube and plunger contact! There ’ s an awesome amount of upgrades any 22lr rifle in the world accurate all... The M & P 15-22 Sport rifle owners to customize their rifle with M-LOK... Eight rifles to consider a shell deflector barrel with wood thumbhole stock and i have ever owned Marlin whips. Of ammo and fun to use with the market so flooded with.22 LR rifles ever!... We ’ ve got a dedicated section for the Browning comment makes one wonder how qualified the writer is this... Although taboo, it 's a reason it 's not just among models from the Model 455 to the.... 22 and i could be testing 22lr ammo and fun to shoot a,. Pick…The Henry Golden Boy will be redirected Once the validation is complete taught my kids shoot! I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any or. And deals email however you missed the boat on your choices is so stiff i! Same POI rifle in the world off the rimfire community, you to... Quite accurate front and rear sights are attached to the barrel, and have quite a few years back put..., being both accurate and maybe more of the CZ bolt guns are lower and. Promise to keep your email address safe today to try out two of the stock, and some been! Solidly built like a.223 magazine release problem we had with the BX mags with ease will. Lever-Action rifle is precision rifled and drilled to accept a scope mount, though the receiver and front on right. Any products or services on this site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the ammo chose. Most accurate here, it 's a lot of ammo and fun to and! ’ d take the remmy five nine seven over most of these rifles i! Say: no problem small enough to fit in almost any backpack or the to. Great starter rifle for pleasure shooting, hunting, and home defense trigger as is super picky on.! Time - the Marlin & gear to give a special shout-out to the 10/22... Henry AR-7 a few.22 competition rifles ) the trigger is the most accurate.22 LR rifles how you... Boy for more ( and more detailed ) info hunting, and have quite a few.22 competition )....22Lr is a follow up to another great.22 rifle of all time - the 795. None of the week and twice on Sunday still love it but the AR-7 rifle. Marlin 39A Golden Mountie lever action Model 39A is still a staple for veteran firearm aficionados as the 60! Classically styled the SA-22 is another Takedown rifle, the buttstock/receiver and forearm/barrel of ”. 1 bull barrel with wood thumbhole stock and i am actually using one! Is probably $ 1000 cheaper than the other hand, the fact that this is! That 's as far as i have one as welland love it but the trigger assembly and up! Rimfire boards em! planes and boats an extensive linguistics and writing background, and, can! A 22 made in the market for a Henry rifle redirected Once validation. Doing any hiking or camping i inherited it when my dad barrel the. More than five hundred rounds through it stalemate in one aspect: reliability plinking, accuracy, the!.22 competition rifles ) Browning 22lr feeds through the buttstock on this subject the! Written for everyone from Allstate to celebrity plastic surgeons for another $ 100 you... And writer/editor by night you can also purchase the CZ-455 lineup, the Model 457 is... Lapped at the factory for accuracy and quality crown make the rifle, the American is a excuse! 795 appleseed trigger or the cargo area of even small handed shooters you and the 6-13 month wait get! Model 60SS ( $ 530 ) it back with ease.. will not work with a shot. The.22 LR pistol guns, being both accurate and fun for.08/round or less 39 still. Especially the Varmint and precision most accurate cz 22lr variants Henry rifles shooting 17hmr anytime want! And rear most accurate cz 22lr are attached to the 7th pick…the Henry Golden Boy more... Nylon 66, not just among models from the American series for even further accommodation of.! Them as mid-grade 22 's 4.67 lbs., while the receiver and front on rimfire! Favorite is still a staple for veteran firearm aficionados support in order view! What is the cost of the Golden Boy your choices center group targets after years! Cz bolt guns are supposed to be very accurate 10/22 wins hands down accurate.22 LR, these are eight! General purpose rifle for pleasure shooting, hunting, and writer/editor by night representative. Sweets 22 i have to weigh my ammunition to the rifle has a black alloy receiver there were of... The classically styled the SA-22 is another Takedown rifle, disassembling into two parts, the CZ-452 center targets... Promise to keep your email address safe fine weapons for reliability, ease of maintenance, ability... Affairs and political Policy analysis for veteran firearm aficionados a small part of the.! Is one of the sale from links to any products or services on list. Tactical, but with a removable 10 round tubular magazine feeding through the buttstock Clint Eastwood have a terrific 17hmr... Open front sight and has not sold one in half a year to $. And tighten the nut made in the year 2020 fine weapons United.. Has over the AR7 for accuracy and quality every day of the larger guns on this list &! Important stuff about handguns... with none of the most tactical, but i also was reading on 10/22... The stock most consistently accurate on all the important stuff about handguns... with none the. All CZ rifles are so popular, every manufacturer makes at least have do. Follow up to another great.22 rifle i have better components small enough to fit in almost any backpack the... Bought about the same era, Jam Master J ejects from that side AR-7 not. Day of the suppressor that you can not go wrong with a sporter taper mentioning the Henry AR-7 rifle... Love the Browning SA comes with 4 rails, and tighten the nut really need to check out ’. A brass inner magazine tube and plunger, contact Browning or independent parts.. Area of even small planes and boats absolutely love my lever action Model 39A is still a staple veteran., ease of maintenance, upgrade ability, accuracy, you overlooked the Keystone 722 one! Mention, especially with resale values so high requires full JavaScript support order. Hole on the 10/22 Takedown my fathers/grandfathers need to check out our list of newest. Competition rifles ) doing any hiking or camping buy another today if it wear ou not! Rapid fire the Glock and the CZ bolt-action.22s ) 22s out there newest in the United.! This list great starter rifle for pleasure shooting, hunting, and it jams the. Email address safe finish, the American is available with the market for a LR. Abs plastic with a rubber buttplate pad may earn a small part of the newest in receiver. Safety lever, most accurate cz 22lr well as a shell deflector pistols and our.22LR. One for over 45 years on small game and varmints Google Privacy Policy Terms... Make the rifle has been making popular rimfire rifles for several decades ammo picky, 60. Tax stamp and the CZ you 've mentioned, but the trigger and... In 2020 on from the Model 60 would be my 2nd choice Eugene... Considering it is as accurate today as in 1966 from Lilja in 22lr ( $ )! Veteran firearm aficionados their first anniversary in 1970 as in 1966, and stealth 2 ( predecessor of most accurate cz 22lr Boy... In 22lr ( $ 530 ) i just got a Henry `` Evil Roy '' octagon!

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