Tearsheets and Crowd Reactions

When By The Way was shared all around Facebook it was fun to find and read the reactions from people.  Everyone was super stoked on the video and the surfing.  I can’t find all the comments,  shares, and blog posts that went out there, but I was able to find a few.  Here are some of the better ones:

Seen in 141 countries worldwide

Cori Schumacher did a great writeup of the Board Shorts Film Festival at http://corischumacher.com/2012/02/27/board-short-and-surf-ladies/

Of By The Way, she wrote:

“I tilted forward, my body moving in physical empathy with the female surfers riding longboards and shortboards. Nearly 15 minutes of this and I was ready to leap out in the water… now. “

Thanks for the kind words Cori!



Cooler Magazine

Surfer Magazine

Billabong shared it with over 1000 likes

777 Likes and 354 shares from Surfer



strippers? oh wait

saving girls from prostitution, one surf video at a time

Renee calls it like she sees it

rainy day, made.

morning, made.

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We know that already, but thank you!

ha, ok

Blasting It To The East Coast

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