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Got to shoot with Mele and Jake on Thanksgiving.  We got some fun swell, most swell we’ve seen in quite a few weeks.  Needless to say the crowds were out, but with their talent these two got more than their share.

Hanging Out

Spent some time in Encinitas hanging around town this weekend

Tag Along

Jen Smith invited me to tag along and shoot video during a photoshoot with Jon Steele.  They were shooting photos for Sector 9, and Jon was nice enough to let me observe and learn a bit about what he does.  It was really cool to watch him in action.  Check out his website at

Jon Steele getting the shot with Jen for Sector 9


Margaux and Sara waiting for a set.  Not the best surf day, but made the most of what they had.

Forget it jake, it's chinatown

Forget it jake, it's chinatown

South Ponto

South ponto

Stormy weather brings the best cloudscapes here in Southern California

Jared Muscat – Beacon’s Beach

@jaredamuscat body whomp filming session #surfbang

First session filming with Jared.  We’re gonna put together a little bodysurfing short.  Should be lots of fun.

of all the gin joints

of all the gin joints


Just got my stitches out, and taking a little sightseeing detour a bit south of me I passed this little reef.  If you know it, you know.  But it was going off today on the sets (a bit of a wait between the sets) with only two guys out.  I really wanted to be out there.  But all I need is for my board to hit my forehead again where my cut is just healing (I got hit my my board and split my forehead open with a nice inch long gash) and I’ll really have a gnarly scar because it won’t heal cleanly again…sitting out a few sessions vs the risk of having a really bad scar on my face…well…gotta listen to the voice of reason on this one.  It was nice to watch and then make a future plan of attack….can’t wait.

spot check

checking it - huntington beach cliffs

Cardiff Reef

My favorite longboard wave…